You’ll Never Eat Caviar Again After Watching How It’s Made [Video]

This video shows how caviar is harvested from fish farmed in France.

Warning: this video is graphic and is NSFW.

In many areas of the world, caviar is considered to be a delicacy. The salty fish eggs are used to accent many dishes and are typically sourced from sturgeon fish. For those who can afford it (and feel no ill will about harming the environment), the rarest and costliest caviar is sourced from the critically endangered beluga sturgeon that swim in the Caspian sea.

Most caviar nowadays is sourced from farms like the one in the video below. Located in southern France, the farm raises fish and then slays them for their eggs. Technologies, such as the ultrasound, are relied on to monitor the fish as they live out their lives in the synthetic farms. Once egg production is deemed to be at its peak, the fish are then killed, sliced open, and their eggs obtained.

It’s a brutal process, but it takes place so that people can indulge in the unique food. Once the eggs are extracted by hand, they’re packed into tins and shipped around the world to those who can afford the delicacy. This video raises questions about the ethics of killing animals in general, and particularly about harvesting fish just for their eggs. Watch the video comment your thoughts on our Facebook page:

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