Massive North Dakota Oil Leak Proves Native American Protesters Right For Fighting ILLEGAL DAPL Pipeline


(Editor’s note: For a few short hours we had a 2015 oil spill posted in North Dakota instead of the giant one just last month. But, as there have been so many damn oil spills in North Dakota it’s hard to keep track. So, this one, just MILES from the Dakota pipelines, is current AND fact. It’s fixed now and yes, it spilled nearly 200,000 gallons and was even on the front of Fox News as evidenced below with links.)

If you are still wondering why there is such maintained and increasing support for the #NoDAPL protectors, take a look at this: This spill is part of the reason.
Just think of the nearly 200,000 of gallons that spilled in North Dakota and polluted all that beautiful country, when we could be on free energy the government doesn’t want us to know about.
So, for all the paid big oil mouthpieces on our site claiming this didn’t happen, HERE IT IS – JUST LAST MONTH on the front of FOX NEWS. (Some say it’s fake news, but sadly, this is fact!)
Good news? Dr Mercola and I have run off of solar- for our cars and home- for years (I bought my first electric car on a shoe string budget run off a solar panel ELEVEN years ago!) Tesla announced solar roofs (not panels- it’s built in!) will cost less than regular roofs starting this year. The changes are coming and soon we won’t have to pay billions upon billions because we will have access to free energy.

The video is accurate. Big oil will NOT bury this story.
Our children and grandchildren deserve FREE energy which is so easy and could be world wide now, as many have had it for decades.
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Erin Elizabeth


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