[WATCH] Dad Gets Epic Revenge On Pedophile

News video shows a pedophile paying the ultimate price for molesting a child. Jeffrey Ducet was a karate instructor who abducted and sexually attacked Jody Plauche, 12. 

Ducet had actually been molesting Plauche for over a year before he abducted the kid and took him to a motel. When the sicko was lastly collared by cops, Jody's father Gary understood that he had to do something about it.

When cops flew Ducet back for his trial, Gary Plauche was waiting in the airport with a firearm. When cops were walking Ducet through the airport, Plauche leapt out and shot the pedophile a single time. That shot killed Ducet, and the whole event was recorded by cameras.

Miraculously, Gary Plauche got no prison time for the killing, He was instead given 5 years probation, and he stands by his actions to this day, saying he did exactly what he had to do for his son.

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