Australia Meteorological Office Caught Covering Up Chemtrails

By Baxter Dmitry

There is outrage in Australia after the Meteorological Office attempted to brush a chemtrails scandal under the carpet by declaring the geometric lines are a “beautiful natural phenomenon.”

The rows of perfectly straight chemtrails were caught on camera by a passenger onboard a Virgin Australia flight and uploaded to social media.
The extraordinary photos caused outrage on Twitter and Instagram, with Australians demanding to know the truth about the real nature of geoengineering in their country.
Then the Meteorological Office entered the fray, claiming the rows and rows of perfectly straight lines are not man-made, but rather a “beautiful natural phenomenon.”
A Met Office spokesperson attempted to explain the rows of chemtrails.

In terms of how they form, it’s about air rising, cooling and then descending again. The rising, cooling and falling of atmospheric waves creates the thin strips of clouds.”

Remarkably, many people are taking the official narrative on face value.

And now the mainstream media is getting involved, pushing the official version and attempting to normalize the sight of chemtrails and push the idea that clouds naturally appear in perfectly straight lines and grids.
According to The Telegraph, the clouds are “spectacular and beautiful.”
What do you think? Are these clouds natural and beautiful? Or are they evidence of geoengineering?

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