Leading Cancer Researcher Found Dead Hanging From Tree In Rubber Suit

A leading British cancer researcher was found dead in a rubber suit in woodland in a bizarre sex fetish, an inquest has heard.
Professor Alan Clarke the 52 year old director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute and Cancer Research UK, was reportedly found with a dog lead around his neck and was wearing a hooded mask, after taking his dog for a walk just after Christmas 2015.

The dog was found safe and unharmed in the nearby woods.
Health nut news reports: Professor Alan Clarke, 52, was discovered by his wife and neighbors in a blue and black rubber suit three hours after taking the family’s dog for a walk.
Prof Clarke, director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute and the Cancer Research UK, was found dead in a hooded mask.
The hearing was told Prof Clarke’s wife Kathryn and l neighbors went looking for him after he failed to return home from the dog walk.
The father-of-two was already dead hanging from the tree dressed in the rubber suit.

The inquest heard he had been planning to take his family to the seaside the following day. Bowen’s wife wife said he had never talked about committing suicide.
Mrs. Clarke said this about her husband:  “He had too much to live for.”
Coroner David Bowen said “There was nothing to suggest there was any third party involved in his death.”
Bowen said he wasn’t sure, given the attire Mr Clarke was dressed in, that his death was a suicide.
He said: “I consider it far more common that his death was in the attempt of some sort of sexual gratification that went wrong.”
Mr Bowen concluded Prof Clarke’s death as “misadventure”

Could Prof Clarke’s death be yet another case of foul play?

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