Anonymous Hacks Pedophile Server: Connects Comet Ping Pong To Austin Pizzaria

Is this the proof we need? Calling all IT personnel to authenticate what we are looking at here. It seems we must do the FBI’s job for them.
Enterthe5t4rz  has cracked the code once again and we owe it to these modern day citizen journalists for searching for and finding the truth while the MSM continuous lies to us on a daily basis.

To tell you whats going on here since i have an IT background. they are hacking the pizza websites with bruteforce attacks to find usernames and login passwords.

these websites seem to have hidden subdomains for secret access to a special part of the website.

Here the elite and other filth can order their “pizza” online.

The hackers show you how they did find the password and subdomain which is an IP ADDRESS with login so you can see the filth yourself. 

username: qwerty password: qwerty …

Watch the video below:

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