4 Minutes A Day For 28 Days And Your Body Will Be Utterly Transformed

The majority of us want a better body, but in today’s world there just aren’t enough hours in the day… and sitting in front of Netflix is far more appealing anyway. Although it isn’t in human nature to be merely satisfied with one’s lot, especially when that involves a “lot” of flab! 

So many in the fitness and exercise industry strive to find ways that maximize work outs for those with minimum time to schedule or pencil it in. As is often the case, ancient wisdom comes to the rescue, delivered in the form of the yoga posture, the “plank.”

Dedicating up to 5 minutes a day to this may be an exercise in difficulty at first. However, with perseverance one can work up to this goal and maintain a rigid pose above the floor. Aim for 2-5 minutes and the benefits of this rather simple looking exercise will soon reveal itself. 

The plank almost resembles a frozen press-up, though with elbows bent and roughly parallel to the shoulders. So that the hands, forearms and feet are supporting the body.

The benefits of the plank is that it will tighten and tone your stomach, legs, butt, arms, back and shoulders. It also improves circulation throughout the body and deals with cellulite – which is something many a woman wants to declare war on! Keep the back straight as though against a wall, legs tight and straight and buttocks pulled in, as well as the stomach and you’ll soon be as flat as a, well, plank!

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