You Won't Think Of Facebook In The Same Way Again After Learning These 5 Dark Secrets

Facebook, we all use it, but as with most companies there are some dark secret they hope will never get out to their users. Presenting the 5 darkest Facebook secrets. The video below consists of the idea Mark Zuckerberg stole and utilized to create, a secret clinical test to hack the feelings of users and cause psychological contagion, the strange all access pass that Facebook Messenger needs to spy on your phone, the capability for mediators to stalk users, and the techniques and marketing methods utilized to sell your details on the black market. 

Over the last decade  Facebook has become part of most people's lives, because of this we think it's only fair you know exactly what they've been up to in the past and what they're currently doing. This really does make you question how safe you're information actually is. Maybe it's time to think twice about putting our lives for all to see across the internet! 

Please have a look at the video below:

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