Warning…Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP Before It’s Too Late

Tilapia is a white fish that is mild in taste, extremely cheap to breed and also apparently sells like hot cake. It has a cheap price and can be bought in large quantities. Easy to cook, this boneless and skinless fish sure is a much-liked food product. Some even term it as poor man’s fish. We have health experts telling us to increase the fish intake in our diet. It is easy to digest and has fatty omega acids that are considered extremely good for the body. But not all fish fulfill this criterion. Tilapia, in particular, is a far cry from any regular fish that you would eat.

The problem arises as the majority of the Tilapia does not come from a natural water body; instead, they are cultivated in factory farms. Wild Tilapia feast on algae and plants, however, the tilapia found in stores come from factory farms, where they are feed with different kinds of feeds and fertilizers. Fish farms can use a whole lot of chemicals to keep Tilapia alive and breed them. Factory farm bred Tilapia is often fed a diet of corn and soy which is available in bulk quantities, thus making tilapia breeding a cost effective exercise.

Eating a lot of farm bred tilapia can cause a lot of harmful effects to the body like asthma, joint inflammation, and coronary disease. Since a lot of chemicals are used to harvest them, they carry the risk of ending up in our body when we consume them.

Carcinogenic means a cancer causing agent and it more in farm bred tilapia then the tilapia you would find in the wild. Farm bred fish do not provide the body with the required nutrients one normally gets from eating fish.

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