Monsanto’s Dirty Links With Government Over Deadly White Phosphorus Manufacturing

Monsanto in Bed With the Pentagon: White Phosphorus Manufacturing Affords Agrichem Giant Special Protections

The stockholders of the ongoing immoral, destructive and criminal enterprise that is the Monsanto corporation have yet another reason to be ashamed: war crimes.

The company is of course well-known for its ugly lawsuits against indigent farmers over genetically-modified seeds, the billions of pounds of cancer-causing glyphosate it has spread around the world, and the prolific manufacture of deadly polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs until they were finally banned in 1979 and which still generate lawsuits to this day over contamination of waterways and wetlands.
But now a new, heavily-redacted report has come out showing just how deeply the corporation has been involved in the manufacture of deadly white phosphorus–with special protection from the U.S. government.
If you’ve never heard of white phosphorus, there’s a good reason for that: the U.S. government and the government of Israel would rather you didn’t know about it, nor about their use of the horrific substance against civilian populations in conflicts in Fallujah and Gaza, respectively.
White phosphorus ignites spontaneously at 30º C, and is purportedly used to illuminate enemy positions or to create a smoke screen to cover troop movements. However, although it is prohibited under the 1990 Convention on Conventional Arms (to which the U.S. is not a signatory) it is also sometimes used to firebomb enemy positions. It has been widely reported that it has been used against civilians in Iraq and Gaza.
When it comes into contact with a person, white phosphorous ignites, and once it does it continues to burn until it runs out of fuel or is deprived of oxygen. It sticks to clothing or skin, causing horrific, often fatal chemical burns.
It is said that it “burns to the bone” according to witnesses who have seen white phosphorous in action, as its victims often have no way to stop its progression until it burns itself out.

And for a long time, Monsanto was the sole company in the U.S. to manufacture the stuff, earning it special mention from the Pentagon. The pragmatists at the Pentagon noted that manufacturing white phosphorous requires special techniques and skills, and that, “With only one known producer (Monsanto) of WP in the NTIB (National Technology and Industrial Base) the Government’s support of this domestic capability is critically important…”
So if you’ve ever wondered why Monsanto gets approval for every insane new chemical, technology or patent it comes up with, this might provide part of the answer: it knows where the Pentagon’s bodies are buried–literally.
And the next time you hear some defender of GMOs talk about how companies like Monsanto are just benevolent corporations looking to feed the hungry people of the world, remind them that Monsanto is a chemical company first, and a seed company second. And that they have only one motive: profit.
And if the death and maiming of children and civilians is the path to profit, they will not hesitate to take it.

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