If You See Someone Wearing A Safety Pin, THIS Is What It Means!

There is a brand-new movement flowing through the United States and it is something everybody can sign up with.

It all has to do with safety pins and the concept began in Great Britain after the well known Brexit vote. This summer, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, nevertheless, many individuals saw it as an anti-immigration and anti-minority bill. When it passed, many individuals were upset and wished to reveal their assistance to those straight affected by the vote. That is where the safety pins come in. Individuals began wearing them to show support.

Now, following the surprising election on November 8th, many Americans are adopting the security pin movement. People are using safety pins to show minorities that they stand with them. They are also I sign that the person wearing a security pin is against the hate speech and violent actions, numerous are  currently being reported across the country.

Primarily, it is a reasonable method to reveal help for others without being violent in return.

Have a look at the video below for more information!

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