FBI Rescues 82 Children In Nationwide Sex Trafficking Sting

The FBI has announced that 239 child-sex traffickers and their associates were arrested, last month, in an operation that spanned the borders of the United States.

Operation Cross Country is part of the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative and has been responsible for rescuing more than 6,000 children since 2003, all involved in child sex trafficking.

"This is a depressing day in law enforcement,” said FBI Director Comey, “because this is the world we live in and the work we have to do.  But it is also a proud day for law enforcement," he added, “because there are people who spend every day worrying about how to rescue these children. They are true heroes.”

Comey went on to extol the virtues of the program and those involved.

“Operation Cross Country aims to shine a spotlight into the darkest corners of our society that seeks to prey on the most vulnerable of our population,” said FBI Director Comey. “We are not only looking to root out those who engage in the trafficking of minors, but through our Office for Victim Assistance, we offer a lifeline to minors to help them escape from a virtual prison no person ever deserves.”

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