Conventional Cough Syrups Are FILLED With Toxins, Use THIS Natural Mixture Instead

Pineapples are a great source of bromelain. This is an enzyme that has many anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven to fight infections and assist in destroying bacteria. Cough syrup is in reality a pointless option as it only suppresses a cough rather than rating the cause. This is the main reason pineapple juice is up to 5 times more effective.

50% of the daily requirement for vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is present in just one cup (237ml). Vitamin C helps the body use vital enzymes, these help regulate metabolism and energy conversion.

High levels of manganese are also present in pineapple juice. This mineral is proven to aid the formation of healthy connective tissue and bones. Manganese is essential for proper absorption of calcium, metabolize carbohydrates and fats and also increases regular nerve function.

Some of the bromelain has shown to be absorbed by the body fully intact. This means it is believed to have positive effects outside the digestive tract. Bromelain is frequently sold as a natural anti-inflammatory for health problems such as arthritis.The German market is where this mineral is most popular. The Germans have approved bromelain for various treatments such as inflammation and swelling of the nose and sinuses caused by surgery or injury.

Many types of persistent cough can be treated with this amazing pineapple juice recipe. Anything other than pneumonia all you have to do is trash the cough syrup and grab a pineapple juice instead! and the plus side is it’s cheaper, natural and acutely does the intended job of fighting the condition rather than suppressing it.

The consumption of pineapple juice not only soothes a sore throat, it can help the body to expel mucous more easily. The build up of mucus in the lungs and/or sinuses can cause constant coughing, sneezing and even in addition painful infections. In a study published in "Der Pharma Chemica" in 2010, researchers set out to find beneficial treatments for patients who have tuberculosis. This is a highly infectious respiratory disease often caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Their research showed that the mixture of raw pineapple juice, pepper, salt and honey administered to patients on a daily basis helped to dissolve the mucus within their lungs.

In another study, the researchers discovered that raw pineapple extracts had the potential to decrease mucus levels within the lungs five times faster than conventional cough syrups.  The study also found that Patients recovered approximately 4.8x faster and show a dramatic decrease in most symptoms related to coughing. This was most evident with hacking.

No one needs additional sugar in their diets, so we recommend organic, unsweetened pineapple juice pressed, not from concentrate and please avoid canned. alternatively if you juice your own organic pineapple yourself, the end result would be far better than any store bought alternative.
Now for the remedy: 

Pineapple Juice, Cough Syrup Replacement Recipe 

- 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice
- 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice
- 1 piece of ginger (about 3 inches)
- 1 Tbsp raw honey
- 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

all ingredients should be combined and taken in 1/4 cup measurements, and consumed 2-3 each day until the cough symptoms go away. 

Please bare in mind that most medical professional advise a visit to you doctor if a cough persists for a period longer than 3 weeks. 

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