6 Simple Phrases That Stop Manipulators!

Certain individuals are masters at bending others to their desires for money, time or attention. They victimize insecurity and utilize it to trap others in a cycle of abusive habits that serve their own interests.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, all of us know at least one person who could be classed as a master manipulator. But if among them they could have you stuck in his or her web, you can break free! You just need to find out the best ways to confidently stand up for yourself.

Not exactly sure how to do that? Don't worry; here are 6 all set made phrases to assist you put your manipulator in his or her location.

1. "Nope"

People have the tendency to act as though they're entitled when it comes to requests for help, especially if they have actually gotten used to you constantly stating "yes.".

However in truth, you do not need to do whatever somebody asks of you and you don't have to provide a factor for objecting. Your resources are your resources.

Yeah, stating 'no' isn't really constantly going to be simple. However much of the fight remains in your mind.

2. "Back Up"

Manipulators often utilize psychological or physical intimidation to obtain what they want.

If they have actually resorted to that, they're most likely banking on you cowering and heeding their commands. Call their bluff in order to shut down this behavior.

Whether they have actually gotten a little too close or are asking for things or favors excessively, suggesting they take a step back (literally or metaphorically) sets borders.

3. "Return When You've Calmed Down"

This one works if your manipulator is using drama or trying to develop a high emotional state to prevent you from logical thinking.

Make it clear that you're not going to fall into that trap. Suggest they take a minute (or a day ... or more) to relax prior to making their request once again.

If the manipulator in question is your child or teen, this will teach them good interaction skills.

4. "My Feelings Matter Here, Too"

Some manipulators put their feelings on a pedestal. The goal is to make you ignore your feelings until you're doing whatever in your power to make sure theirs are priority.

Put an end to that crap by making it clear that you have feelings and needs as well. Life does not revolve around someone and neither must a relationship or relationship.

5. "That's Inappropriate"

Manipulators try to find easy targets. They want someone with loose boundaries who's not going to put up a fight when lines get crossed.

By letting your manipulator know they have actually crossed a line, you make it clear they're not going to have a easy time fighting with you. They'll likely move onto somebody else quite quickly.

6. "Go Away"

Conserve this one for the worst of the worst.

I'm speaking about the people who do all sorts of nasty things to you and then call you the next day to ask if you can help them move.

I'm discussing individuals who you haven't heard from since high school that appear arbitrarily and ask you for money.

I'm discussing the people who ... You get the picture.

Some individuals simply have no place in your life. If someone has a proven history of lies, deceit and control, serve them with an eviction notification and don't look back.

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