Your Body Is Not A Crime! (Uncensored)

How strange it is that human beings are the only species on the planet which feel the need to hide their naked natural bodies.

The truth is, wearing clothes is no more normal than a dog or a cat or a cow wearing clothes. It is a social construct that was invented by human beings.

n the process, human beings began to view the natural naked human form as being something to shame or hide. Then, to make matters worse, clever propagandists found a way to exploit this dogma further which culminated in the "beauty industry". This industry has been manipulating the perception of "beauty" for profit ever since.

By branding one particular body type as being desirable, and more prized than others, they automatically degrade the majority of society who then tend to feel insecure. This is one of the keys to fooling people into buying "beauty" products that they don't actually need. You have to find a way to make them feel insecure.

Today, however, a new school of thought is emerging, and being led largely through Model Society, to transcend these dogmas and help to disillusion the human race and remind them that the human form, in its many manifestations, is truly beautiful.

Check out this amazing video below that will help you understand just exactly what I am talking about;

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