This Is What Happens To The Body 10 Hours After Putting On Nail Polish: Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate

Even the most health-conscious individuals don’t think about how nail polish is impacting their bodies. However a current research study found that many of the most popular nail polish brands in America are much more hazardous than they would appear.

What the Research Reveals

Scientists recently checked for signs of chemical contaminants in 24 females participating in their study. They found evidence of contaminants in the bodies of every female. What was the source of these chemicals? Nail polish. The results revealed that 100% of the participants showed signs of triphenyl phosphate just 10 hours after using nail polish. This type of conclusive outcome is amazing, and it's also alarming.

In a follow up study, the very same scientists tested 10 different nail polishes for triphenyl phosphate, and found the chemical in 8. 2 of those polishes that checked positively for the chemical did not divulge it on their product label. This might mean that as much as 20% of nail polishes offered in our USA include a dangerous chemical that isn't listed as an ingredient.

What is Triphenyl Phosphate?

One of the biggest issues about triphenyl phosphate (or TPHP) is that it is known to disrupt people' endocrine system, which manages all our hormonal agents. Head scientist, Dr. Heather Stapleton, voiced her concerns, saying, "There is growing proof suggesting that TPHP might impact hormone policy, metabolism, reproduction and development".

This is particularly harmful for the girls who utilize nail polish frequently, since healthy hormone advancement is an essential part of their growth. Nevertheless, TPHP positions a major health threat to anybody exposed to it. It's likewise understood for being:

  • Neurotoxin (developmental results).

- Endocrine Toxic substance.
Responsive T 2.

  • Reproductive Toxic substance.

-- Skin irritant and allergen

Other Health Threats.

- Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that can dissolve in water and in air (think of that strong nail polish odor). Direct exposure to this chemical can likewise produce signs like a throat problems, asthma, and difficulty breathing. Those with chronic illness are especially susceptible to poisoning from formaldehyde.

- Toluene. This chemical is understood to impede development in kids (and some researchers discovered traces of it in breast milk!). In addition, it can be irritating to the skin upon exposure.

- Dibutyl Phthalate. Some nail polish brands switch this phthalate for TPHP, but it's no better for your health. In fact, it has similar health threats such as hormonal disruption and reproductive system toxic substances.

Natural Nail Polish Alternatives.

Thankfully, there are some business who chose to react to the discoveries of hazardous nail polish components. There are a handful of remarkable, natural options that don't consist of the very same threats of allergic reactions, cancer, and hormonal agent interruption. Here are a few of our preferred choices that offer a great choice at excellent prices!

1. Honeybee Gardens carries a line of natural nail polish in a wide variety of colors. These are in fact water-based (so they remove easily with your standard rubbing alcohol) and include absolutely no traces of dangerous chemicals or carcinogens.

2. Acquarella has a selection of over 50+ nail polish colors. These are all water-based, and do not include any formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, mercury, or wheat items.

3. SpaRitual is a toxin-free brand of nail polish that is also completely vegan!

4. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics likewise has a few brilliant nail polishes that are infused with argan oil, as well as being toxin-free. This one's a fantastic way to make a classic color keep your nails moisturized.

Your mani-pedi must be a fun way to reveal yourself, and not a hazard to your health, or the health of your growing children. However it's easy to make the switch to health-conscious nail polish without compromising your wallet OR your sense of design!

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