Sobering Illustrations Depict Life On Earth If Animals Acted Like Humans

In these satirical illustrations, artists denounce the atrocities committed by humans by switching the characters’ roles.

Humans tend to forget that they’re not the only sentient species on the planet. Elephants and dolphins, for example, are incredibly smart and empathetic. However, since they’re unable to express themselves with the written word or language, therefore, are deemed to be less intelligent than humans of today.

It’s a shame, really, for mankind could learn much from the creatures who live in harmony with nature. Instead, our species has evolved to destroy and exploit the Earth’s natural resources. As a result, animals have endured horrific suffering.
Conversations of this kind are difficult for most to swallow, but the sobering pictures below convey the clear reality of how humans have been conditioned to cruelly treat others.
The satirical illustrations have been created by various authors, but all convey the same message: “One must put themselves in the place of another to understand the repercussions and reality of their actions.” 

The 14 sobering drawings follow:

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