'Killer Clowns' Sweeping America From South Carolina To Upstate New York

On August 21st, a mother from Fleetwood Manor in Greenville County in South Carolina was told by her young son that he had heard clowns whispering in the woods close to their home. She initially didn’t believe what he was telling her but her older child said that he too had heard the whispers, and even more disturbingly, that there had been noises of chains rattling and banging on the front door. The woman contacted the police who searched the area but could find no signs of anyone wearing clown costumes. 

CREEPY CLOWNS SIGHTED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. WHO ARE THEY? Over the next few weeks, reports of clowns behaving in a sinister manner increased. One resident said that she saw a clown standing beside a communal bin in the early hours of the morning. Distressingly, children claimed that the clowns had been offering them money if they would come into the woods. Greenville residents were also shocked to see clowns standing near laundromats. Reports of clowns next to the woods were taken by the police with alarming regularity. 

The police, who have swamped by reports of the chilling clown activity, have trawled the woods and launched detailed investigations to try and get to the bottom of all of this witness testimony. But as of yet, they have found nothing to confirm if any of this is true or not. Owing to the police’s inability to find any evidence that suggests that terrifying clowns are lurking in the woods near Greenville Country experts have a step in to offer their take on the situation. 

Some have claimed that children’s imaginations can often lead them to bouts of mass hysteria, particularly when it comes to archetypal horror figures such as clowns. However, this does not explain why so many adults have also come forward to the authorities to report that they have also seen sinister clowns. Others have suggested that this may be an elaborate hoax, but if this is the case, it must be very elaborate indeed given the vast number of people involved. 

Chillingly, it now appears as though the clown phenomenon is moving across the United States. Clown sightings have been reported in North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania. New reports suggest that the clowns have even spread as far afield as Wisconsin and New York State. 

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