The EPA Wants You To Die: Agency Raises Radioactive Limits In Drinking Water Guaranteeing Widespread Cancers

The EPA wants us to die, literally.

This has been demonstrated time and again, from poorly-regulated, toxic herbicides sprayed on the food we eat to allowable levels of carcinogenic substances in the environment.

The EPA’s latest attack on the American people was announced this month with the agency’s plans to raise the allowable radioactivity in drinking water, calling the 3,000 times increase in radioactive Iodine-131-tainted water “safe” to drink.

The agency claims the increase of the allowable limits is the result of President Obama’s insistence that the EPA “develop, for national security emergencies, guidance on acceptable emergency levels of nuclear radiation.”

A large scale radiation contamination incident could impact the United States, driving the need for a pre-established drinking water PAG. EPA is proposing a two-tiered intermediate phase drinking water PAG of 100 mrem projected dose in the first year for infants, children and pregnant or nursing women and 500 mrem projected dose in the first year for the general population.

ECO Watch reports that the new allowable limit is the equivalent of receiving over 250 chest x-rays in one year, a dose almost certain to cause cancer.

“What’s the point of raising these allowable radioactivity levels to obscene new heights? It’s all about creating the “official science narrative” whereby incompetent, arrogant government officials can tell entire cities of nuclear terrorism victims, “Go on! Drink the water! The EPA says it’s safe! If you believe even one tiny scrap of “science” coming out of the EPA, you’re a fool. The EPA is a widely discredited anti-science propaganda ministry that eradicated nearly all legitimate scientists decades ago, back in the 1990’s. The only scientists that currently work for the EPA today are those who are willing to abandon real science and distort all their research and findings for political purposes. Privately, they will all tell you that no real science is tolerated at the EPA.” -Mike Adams

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The EPA should hear from the people they are poisoning. Read the full report by clicking here and then give them a call and voice your outrage: 800-426-4791.

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