Key West City Commission Set To Approve Release Of GM Mosquitoes Despite Upcoming Ballot Measure

Key West City Commissioners will meet this week to approve a resolution to release Bill Gates’ Oxitec mosquitoes into the environment.

The meeting, which will take place on Wednesday, September 7th, is yet another assault on the rights of the voting public. This issue, which was allegedly dormant until November 8th’s ballot initiative, is set to be shoved through without public input as Key West’s Commissioners couldn’t leave something as precious as chemical and pharmaceutical profits in the hands of concerned voters.

An exert from the resolution:

The City Commission expressed opposition to the introduction of genetically-altered mosquitoes to Key West and the Florida Keys until further research is provided; approval is obtained from the applicable regulatory body; operational standards are developed; and a plan to demonstrate measurable outcomes are described to the public;

WHEREAS, the City Commission finds at this time that evidence of adequate research, regulatory approvals and standards for release and plans for measurement of the outcome have been established.

This is serious as the release of Oxitec’s mosquitoes will have severe impact on the local ecosystem. (For those who believe the mainstream media propaganda that genetically-altered insects are needed to combat an insignificant disease, you should read this.)

Key West’s City Commissioners are stealing the public’s right to vote on the release of GM mosquitoes. This is unacceptable!

In the meantime, make sure your voice is heard! Contact Key West’s City Commissioners and tell them we will not tolerate the poisoning of the planet.

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