Irony: Islamic State Bans Burka In Northern Iraq After Veiled Woman Kills 2 ISIS Soldiers

Reports that women, fully clad in a black burqas, have been killing ISIS commanders have surfaced.  Last week the occupied Saladin Governorate south of Mosul began putting out warning out to members to beware of a veiled woman who killed two of their fighters.  In Mosul, another soldier was killed by a woman, completely covered, as well.

These harsh developments have prompted ISIS commanders to outlaw the use of burqas by anyone entering their security center in Mosul.  The Iraqi News network reported that the ISIS commanders were caught off guard by the attacks, though it could not be confirmed by outside news sources.

The source reported,  "a veiled woman carrying a pistol killed two members of ISIS who were standing in a checkpoint in Sharqat, north of Salah al-Din. The incident surprised the organisation and forced them to issue an alert of similar attacks.”

In August the Syrian city of Manbij was liberated; men shaved their beard and woman burned their black clothes in celebration.  Many woman, however, have willingly and unwillingly joined the ranks of ISIS, some serving in the 'Al-Khansaa Brigade', an all-female police force that serves to police "the public morality of women in Raqqa city."

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