Here's How And Why Vitamin C Can Outperform Vaccines

The concept of a "silver bullet" that can treat mankind of a broad variety of the illness that pester it, from cancer to measles to the influenza, has long been a dream of patient and physician alike. Exactly what if that silver bullet were to come not through the current dangerous vaccinations however in the form of a vitamin supplement?

That's precisely the conclusion that can be drawn after a review of the advantages of vitamin C found in the work of Dr. Frederick Klenner.

Standard medicine declines to recognize a proven medical reality

Dr. Klenner's findings of vitamin C and its extraordinary ability to cure everything from polio to multiple sclerosis to responses from venomous snake bites can be found in the papers and other works he authored across the period of 3 decades. His recorded success stories contradict standard medication, which requires dangerous (invasive) medical treatments like the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Based on Dr. Klenner's years of research study, it appears vitamin C functions as an anti-infective representative and minimizing representative, in addition to an anti-clotting representative, an oxidizing representative, and an antihistamine. Let's have a look at some benefits of vitamin C in Dr. Klenner's years of medical research.

Polio gets cured with vitamin C treatment

While others before him had actually theorized that vitamin C might play a role in reducing the effects of polio, it was Dr. Klenner who first gave polio clients dosages comparable to 10s of thousands of milligrams of vitamin C-- every day.

While Dr. Klenner had presented a briefing of his findings on vitamin C and polio back in 1949 at the Annual Session of the American Medical Association, children, kids and adults continued to be paralyzed or eliminated by the virus as others in the medical field offered his findings little notification.

Klenner advised providing the vitamin C dosage intravenously, but kept in mind that the intramuscular path might likewise be satisfactory. He administered a minimum of 350 mg per kg of body weight-- a dose equivalent to 25,000 to 30,000 mg for an adult.

According to Dr. Klenner, enormous ascorbate treatment treated every case of 60 polio patients under his care. None had paralysis and all were well just three days after treatment. Again, Dr. Klenner reported his findings, this time in the Southern Medication and Surgical treatment journal. Again, couple of in the medical community took notice.

Vitamin C gave great outcomes for shingles

Dr. Klenner's success with using vitamin C to combat a number of infections and toxic invaders is remarkable, including his published work with 8 clients with shingles. Each person was given 2,000 to 3,000 mg of vitamin C injection every 12 hours, in addition to 1,000 mg in fruit juice offered orally every 2 hours.

7 of the 8 clients reported total relief of discomfort associated with shingles within two hours of getting the very first vitamin C injection. In general, the patients got from 5 to 7 injections of vitamin C. Blisters connected with the virus started recovering quickly, and were completely gone within the very first 72 hours.

Dr. Klenner's observations are supported by findings of other researchers as well, both before and after he had actually released his work. An earlier research study reported success with 14 shingles clients getting vitamin C injections. In a 1950 report, shingles entirely vanished in an astonishing 327 out of 327 patients-- just 72 hours after they had actually received vitamin C injections.

Can vitamin C help with other infections?

Dr. Klenner's work did not stop with shingles or polio. A long list of health problems, including pneumonia, liver disease, measles, mumps, diptheria and the influenza, amongst lots of others, were cured with the use of vitamin C treatment.

The secret to vitamin C's effectiveness is the practice of giving enough, for a long adequate time period. While some chronic viral conditions might not deal with without delay, the study has yet to identify an intense viral condition that vitamin C did not remove rapidly-- other than in clients with severe tissue damage and those near death.

For example, in pneumonia patients, Dr. Klenner recommended a minimum of 1,000 mg. of vitamin C intravenously every 6 to 12 hours for moderate cases, with children getting 500 mg. A lot of clients proved to total scientific and x-ray resolution of the health problem after simply 3 to seven injections.

Advantages of vitamin C can likewise be seen in viral liver disease clients. Clients were able to resume regular activities in simply 2 to four days after receiving 500 to 700 mg per kg of body weight, taken orally. That dosage relates to about 30 grams-- every 24 hours-- in orange juice.

These are just a few examples of the numerous times Dr. Klenner and other scientists have used vitamin C to help clients get rid of infections.

The best ways to secure yourself from illness is by constructing lifelong resistance

In a life time of work, Dr. Klenner voiced his suggestion that anyone, whether combating a health problem or not, need to not rely on the small suggested dose for vitamin C. Such levels are just useful in warding off acute scurvy; they do not resolve a chronic vitamin C deficiency made worse by tension, environmental impurities and transmittable organisms.

In addition to treating disease, Dr. Klenner stood by his recommended day-to-day preventive dosages of 10,000 to 15,000 mg/day. For moms and dads with kids, he recommended doses of their age in vitamin C grams, where 1 year equates to 1,000 mg.

That means a four-year-old would be receiving 4,000 mg/day or a nine-year-old would receive 9,000 mg daily, with a leveling off of 10,000 mg each day for older kids. Even these suggestions could be altered, nevertheless. Dr. Klenner is quoted as instructing patients to take enough vitamin C to stay sign complimentary with the expectation that the quantity might differ.

It's worth keeping in mind that even at really high levels, no negative adverse effects have actually been reported with vitamin C dosages. Reversing disease symptoms with vitamin C can assist the body to establish "lifelong immunity" which vaccines (and many other harmful drugs) cannot achieve.

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