Has Instagram Just Killed Itself With It's New Update?

If you haven't noticed yet, instagram just released a new update asking users for even more permissions as seen in the photo above. The problem is, the new update only seems to offer a new form of comment moderation but yet asks for access to your text messages and call information.

When is enough enough? Will this be the end of instagram as users reach their breaking point of privacy violation? I don't know about you but if the new update becomes mandatory I will be leaving instagram. The site already wants too many permissions but seems to be demanding even more. Do you think it's worth it?

Basically, anyone that's even half conscious is going to have to consider dumping the service for such an invasive change. After scouring the Internet for what the new update will actually include we could only find vague references to a better comment moderation tool. So, why do they demand access to your text messages and call information on your phone just to modify your own comments? It seems like a lazy way to further monitor the public. Yet another way to sell our personal information to the highest bidder, but what do you think? Has social media gone too far with their backdoor serveillance methods? Will the people vote with their lifestyle and choose better crafted products to communicate with their family and friends, or are we really going to keep allowing corporations to take what they want with no regard?

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