Domes Made With Concrete And A Giant Balloon Could Revolutionize The Housing Industry

When built properly, these domes have the potential to provide living space that withstands fires and earthquakes, starting at $3,500.

The "Binishell" was conceived and pioneered by Dante Bini in the 1960's, and is currently being taken to the next level by his son, architect Nicoló Bini.
The concept is much like inflating a balloon, covered in papier-mâché, except in place of the papier it uses concrete with a wood & metal support structure.  A giant, inflatable membrane is covered with the support structure, concrete is added and it is inflated until the concrete can dry and harden in position.  Binishells range in size from a single room to domes 120 feet in diameter.

While Dante's father was interested in pushing the technology further and making the domes bigger (in some cases to disaster), Dante has decided to go smaller, making them cheaper and easier to build. 

Other companies have jumped on the idea, some even modifying it.  In the below video, Monolithic shows us how easily one of these can be built.

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