Doctor Explains How To Calm Screaming Babies With A Simple And Genius Hold

Doctor Robert Hamilton is a 30-year pediatricion.  His exploits have led him to many crying babies; those that receive shots or are experiencing some sort of discomfort.

At some point, he figured out how to hold and rock a child so they immediately calm down.  Now, he's given us the knowledge.  Babies and parents rejoice!

The steps are fairly basic.

1. Fold the child's arms across his (or her) chest, one arm at a time.  Make sure each movement is gentle.

2.  Support the baby's bottom with the fleshy part of your hand (not your fingers).

3.  Rock the child back and forth, gently, at a 45 degree angle.

Here, Dr. Hamilton explains it clearly and shows us how it's done.

He says that the hold doesn't work on all babies and it is particularly effective for very young children.

Dr. Robert Block, pediatrician and former president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggests Hamilton is using an altered for of swaddling.  “We’ve known for some time that some babies like to be swaddled,” he says. “The AAP has had some concerns about incorrect swaddling, but [Hamilton's] is a good technique.”

For most parents, the proof is in the instant reaction their baby has when Hamilton performs his masterpiece.

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