8 Proven Benefits Of Lemon Water Everybody Should Know

You understand I am among those people that enjoy to start the day with a fresh glass of water. It is one of my healthy routines, and I have written before on habits of healthy people.

I've also written on how consuming a glass of water can help you reduce weight.

Exactly what I didn't understand until recently, that adding a kick to the glass of water can lead to much better health benefits.

I have actually heard a lot about the benefits of lemon water, so I decided to give it a go.

After a couple of weeks, I discovered greater outcomes than I was having with drinking a simple glass of plain old water.

So, what are the benefits of lemon water? Let's analyze.

Nutritional Facts

Before we get to the benefits of lemon water, I should discuss exactly what lemon water really is, and which are the dietary advantages.

To put it simply, lemon water is water blended with juice from one fresh lemon.

You can add a piece of lemon or 2 as well for more decor (some individuals want their food and drinks to look gorgeous, not just simply taste great).

As for the dietary facts, one glass of lemon water contains around 60 calories, 6 grams of sugar, 112mg of vitamin C or twice the everyday recommended dose, 303mg of potassium or 9% of daily dosage, along with folate, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, fiber, protein, and vitamin E.

Now, onto the advantages of lemon water.

Flushing Toxins and Aiding Digestion

The very first and main reason that you need to start your day with a glass of lemon water is to eliminate toxins from your body.

Drinking one glass of lemon water stimulates your liver to produce more bile, which aids the movement of substances through your intestinal systems.

However not to get too medical on you, basically, you flush out toxic substances more quickly.

The acid from the lemon water helps your body procedure the great and healthy nutrients from the food easily and slowly.

As an outcome, your insulin level is controlled, your food digestion is much better, you get more nutrients from the food you eat and you balance your pH level.

Increases Vitamin C Consumption

I have no idea if you knew it, but your body does not produce vitamin C by itself.

And the truth of the matter is, we require vitamin C to work properly.

For that reason, it is very important that we get vitamin C from other sources.

Fortunately for you, lemons are packed with vitamin C. One glass of lemon water helps ensure you get your everyday requirement of vitamin C.

Battling The Common Cold

As a side advantages of lemon water and an increase of vitamin C intake, you are much better prepared to combat the common cold.

Particularly because winter, cold months, it is essential that you get a heathy quantity of vitamin C.

Lemon water can be used both for prevention, but also for battling the cold if you catch it.

Restoration Of The Body

Adding lemon to your glass of water does double "damage".

For one, you are getting a healthy quantity of vitamin C, but likewise getting ridiculous amount of anti-oxidants.

For those of you that do unknown, antioxidants help us in the fight with those annoying free radicals, the compounds accountable for aging and making us look tired.

Antioxidants help us look young, fresh, and revitalize our body and skin.

Recharge After A Workout

I understand that I mentioned advantages of lemon water in the morning, however who's to state you should not consume it throughout the day also?

Among the benefits of lemon water is that it assists your body replenish salt, something you lose during workout sessions.

In addition to renewing salt (something you lose due to the fact that of sweating), you are likewise getting fluids to feel better after breaking your butt with an exhausting session.

Boosting Energy Levels

I know most people love to drink a cup of coffee for a quick caffeine boost to kick start their day.

Well, for those of you who can not stand coffee, or want to restrict your coffee drinking, lemon water is good energy booster too.

Aids With Weight Reduction

Drinking lemon water in the morning can help you drop pounds even without working out.

One of the compounds in lemons, pectin, is a kind of fiber that makes you feel full for longer time periods, which basically, lower your food consumption.

Reduce Pain

Lemon is understood to work as an anti-inflammatory tool, as it helps dissolve uric acid.

I will go all medical on you here, and inform you that uric acid is responsible for pain and inflammation in your knees and joints.

Given that lemon water helps you liquify it, lowering the discomfort caused by it.

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