5 Stories You Missed While Mainstream Media Covered The Brangelina Breakup

By Nick Bernabe 

When people are like: “OMG! Brangelina just split up!”
We wanna be like: “OMG! The US government killed 80 syrian soldiers who were fighting AGAINST ISIS. A new scientific study shows that 9/11 was a controlled demolition and the Pentagon just lost $6.5 Trillion!”

International news outlet CNN angered its audience Tuesday after it chose to focus on the reported divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie instead of other pressing issues, including the recent killing of two black men by police.
Twitter users reacted with rage after CNN made the Brangelina breakup their top story, even as news was breaking about the Tulsa, Oklahoma police shooting of unarmed Terrence Crutcher.

As Esquire magazine notes, CNN interrupted its coverage at the U.N. refugee roundtable to break the news about the divorce.

CNN’s prioritization of celebrity gossip over important international news, though not surprising, sheds a light on the U.S. news media’s obsession with superficial, inconsequential news about pop culture. It was only a few years ago that MSNBC interrupted a congresswoman talking about NSA reform to break news about Justin Bieber’s arrest.

So what should CNN have been covering instead of obsessing over Brad and Angelina’s divorce? Here are five headlines that are much more deserving of the top story slot:

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