We Are Eating Poison! Here’s How To Identify GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps!

I am sure that everybody reading this has actually purchased a piece of fruit or vegetables, and if you have you might have discovered a small sticker label with numbers composed on it. You might not take notice of things like that, however perhaps you should!

You might simply believe that they are some mark that manufacturers usage for their own reasons, however the truth is that these numbers are meaningful and they can inform a lot about the item.

For instance, any number found on the sticker that begins with a 9 is there to show that the produce is natural. On the other hand, products that have numbers that start with the numbers 4 or 3 are items that are grown in a standard method. Conventional farming counts on pesticides and chemicals which help the farmer get larger, faster and more long lasting crops. Here are some all right items that are traditionally grown:


Sweet Potatoes



Now, for the number we have all been waiting for, 8. Any sticker label starting with the number 8 indicates that the fruit and vegetables is GMO. GMOs mean that the food is produced by an individual or machine to maximize efficiency. This type of food should constantly be avoided!

At the end of the day, local farmers are your best friends and you ought to attempt and purchase from farmers markets or small regional supermarket whenever possible. By doing this you can ask as many concerns as you would like about the food that you are bringing home.

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