THIS Is What You Need To Know About GMO Labeling!

Exactly what does GMO labeling have to do planning to start a family?

As far as I can tell, there is no connection.

But that isn't really stopping people in the United States government from attempting to amend a controversial GMO labeling act to S. 764, the Defund Planned Parenthood Expense.

In the first glimpse, it seems like some sort of error.

But with a bit of digging, it becomes clear that the lawmakers accountable know exactly what they're doing.

You see, S. 764 was passed in the Senate last year. Any minor changes to a bill that has been passed-- such as an amendment-- go through a reasonably short approval procedure.

Basically, Agent Mike Pompeo-- the guy behind the questionable "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act"-- and advocates are trying to use an entirely unrelated bill as an vehcile for their own interests.

And why precisely does Rep. Pompeo care about GMO labeling?

Well, those who would stand the most to lose from GMO labeling are a few of Pompeo's greatest advocates.

Since 1989, he has been provided more than $170,000 from farming company corporations and $81,000 from the food and drink market.

However both of those numbers fade in comparison to the check written by widely known anti-GMO-labeling firm Koch Industries. From them, Pompeo has actually received $238,900.

In return, Pompeo is making it much easier for food companies to get away with keeping customers in the dark about GMOs.

How The Safe and Accurate Food Identifying Act Works

On July 1, Vermont became the very first state in the nation to require GMO labels in all grocery stores.

Food producers aren't pleased about that. They've been pushing the federal government to not just withdraw that law but make it impossible for other states to follow suit as well.

Amendment of the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act is how they're preparing to do that.

The amendment, which was approved by the Senate and House of Representatives earlier this month, imposes a federal law that overrides any state law relating to GMOs.

The act permits food companies to prevent telling consumers their products consist of GMOs by connecting the warnings to QR codes instead.

Consumers would have no clear method of understanding the item in concern contained GMOs without taking out their smartphones and utilizing a QR reader app.

What You Can Do

Although the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act change has actually moved past the Senate and House of Representatives, it still needs to be signed by President Obama prior to it entering into effect.

It seems Obama will be pushing the motion forward.

But that's not exactly in line with the general public's desires. More than 90% of Americans support the labeling of GMO products.

That 90% has an opportunity to make their desires known. Have a look at this petition which implores Obama to turn down the modification.

If you concur that GMOs must be labeled, indication and share it.

Still aiming to get your head around the brand-new GMO labeling law? Have a look at this video for some more explanation.

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