THIS 3-Ingredient Tea Can Clear Your Lungs Of Phlegm, Toxins And Relieve Inflammation

Many of us are effected by respiratory issues. There are many over the counter remedies, but fortunately we have a great natural remedy for you today.

The main ingredient of this tea is mullein. What is mullein? Mullein is a weed that grows across the world. Various cultures have used it for hundreds of years for it’s medicinal effects on the respiratory system.

Mullein’s ability to effect the respiratory system in such a positive way is du to the plant containing saponins. These organic compounds act as natural expectorants. 

natural expectorants aid the body in ridding the lungs of excess mucus. due to this it acts as a natural decongestant. If the congestion is caused in part by a viral or bacterial infection then this can also aid a faster recovery. This due to viruses and/or bacteria that have become trapped in the mucus to be expelled from the body.

Mullein is also known to have emollient properties, this means it is able to sooth and sore throat and reduce pain from frequent coughing. Mullein is an excellent natural treatment for chronic illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. 

Now we’ve covered the benefits of mullein, I’m sure you ready for the recipe for this amazing tea!


One and a half cups of water

Two teaspoons of mullein leaves

One teaspoon of dried spearmint 

One to two teaspoons of honey or Stevia


Bring water to a boil

Use a tea ball or a strainer to submerge the mullein leaves in the hot water

Add spearmint in separate tea ball or strain
      Let steep for 15 minutes
    Add honey or stevia

This tea is perfect for relieving the nasty effects of cold, flu and various respiratory problems. Enjoy!!!!!

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