These 8 Conspiracy Theories About The Georgia Guidestones Will Make You Question Everything

If you're from Georgia, you've more than likely heard of the Georgia Guidestones. Found in Nuberg, these 4 granite pieces have been at the center of wild, and really intense conspiracy theories for the previous Thirty Years. But have you asked yourself, why all the attention? Why all the secrecy? To understand the conspiracies, we first should look at the truths.

In 1979, a male utilizing the pseudonym "R.C. Christian" produced plans to build a monolith. He made it very clear that cash was no challenge which there had to be the utmost discretion in the building process. The design took four granite slabs, each nearly 20 feet high, and arranged them in a cluster. From there, they were to be topped with a smaller sized, horizontal slab. Sounds basic enough, right?

But then there's the odd part-- the engraving. "R.C. Christian" firmly insisted that each of the vertical stones was to be engraved with the same 10 axioms, or standards for humanity. Each of the standards were carved in 8 languages.

The secret is that nobody knows who "R.C. Christian" was. No one knows why these Guidestones exist. No one understands what they were implied for or their function. This is where the conspiracies come from. Take a look at 8 of the leading conspiracy theories surrounding the Georgia Guidestones.

1. The stones were created to develop a New World Order.

Some Conspiracy theorists concluded that these stones were meant to produce a brand-new, more informed and well-rounded society. One that wouldn't catch overpopulation and stifling regulation.

2. These stones are the work of the Antichrist.

Many Christian groups have been noted as stating these Guidestones represent a call to genocide and that they are the Ten Rules of the Antichrist. These conspiracies have actually caused  three different occasions of vandalism by religious groups.

3. The Guidestones were made to endure an international apocalypse

Some conspiracy theories had a date: October 3rd 2014. This was the date of the international armageddon and the stones were intended to help survivors in controling a new world. this obviously never happened as you’re reading this today!

4. The stones call for an international government.

Lots of theorists have asserted that the Guidestones were a call for a worldwide  government-- one that ruled collectively across the world, and dealt with any external concerns in a world court.

5. The stones were developed for the worship of the sun and the devil.

A regional minister thought that because the stones lured lots of UFO enthusiasts, New Age folk and modern-day Pagans, it must have been built as an intended meeting place to praise all things evil.

6. The monolith was built on a "power-nexus".

This conspiracy theory declares that the Georgia Guidestones were improved top of a large center of power. This core power that's concealed from the rest of the world, is stated to become launched at an unidentified date, and tackle the mess that our current world is in.

7. The stones are meant to communicate psychic messages.

This conspiracy informs visitors that they need to point both arms at the monolith-- one palm up and one palm down-- in order to get psychic messages from the stones straight. Are you willing to offer it a shot?

8. The monolith was improved a spiritual location to Native Americans, which indicates one really important thing.

The Hopi Indians and their ancient shamans state "indications" will predict the time when the fifth world, a new age, will begin. This likewise indicates the end of our present world. Ancient prophecies noted that when stone tablets are gone back to the center of the world, the new age will begin. Now the only question remains, is Georgia genuinely at the center of the world?

There you have a few of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Georgia Guidestones. It's a remarkable mystery that still remains unsolved. Do you think the conspiracies? Or better yet, do you have any of your own?

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