Tesla’s Legendary Wireless Electricity Tower Built And Tested In Russia

Tesla's well-known Wardenclyffe Tower was, in some ways, the physical manifestation of his many years of hard work. A gigantic tower that is able to wirelessly send electrical power across country miles, it was initially planned to transmit messages, telephone systems and also facsimile photos across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea. When Tesla made his mind to update the tower to additionally send power, J.P. Morgan, who was the primary investor of the project, withdrew the funding.

Morgan had a monopoly on copper, which he used to transfer electrical power, and also did not want his modern technology to become obsolete. Prventing Tesla's sparkle was a monstrous move that has actually delegated Morgan to villany throughout the record of time.

The Wardenclyffe Tower was destroyed in 1917 so the scrap could be sold to spend on Tesla's built up debts.

Jump forward to 2015.

A team of Russian scientists have constructed a mini "Tesla tower," with the ability of wirelessly sending mass quantities of electrical power.

The center is about 40 miles from Moscow and also is currently called the "High Voltage Marx and also Tesla Generators Study Center." When triggered, the generators could meet the power demand for the entire country in around ONE HUNDRED microseconds.

Due to high maintenance expenses, the facility is only activated occasionally. When it is, lightning is released into a system which sends electrical energy. According to Rossiya-1 TELEVISION; When the facility is operating, the static charge in the "hot zone" is so great that the hair of any individual present bristles.

Below is a drone footage of the facility

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