Proof Hillary Clinton Is Very Sick And Dying

Hillary Clinton is very sick. According to a plethora of proof, she may have a neurological condition. This condition includes dementia. Dementia can significantly reduce a person's life.

If Clinton were a sitting president, this medical diagnosis alone would be grounds for resignation. Despite the distinct probability this is true, Clinton and the Democratic National Committee continue to push onward.

Throughout the campaign, cameras have captured Hillary Clinton coughing, wheezing, stumbling, and stuttering. There appears to have actually been a tumor on her tongue, now removed leaving a hole. Members of her staff have actually been photographed bring a pen for emergency injections.

And now there appears to be a leak from a New york city medical office that reveals a medical diagnosis. According to the dripped file, Clinton was diagnosed with "Complex Partial Seizures, and Subcortical Vascular Dementia.”

The document stated Clinton reports "blacking out, unmanageable twitching, and memory loss." The second page of the report states Clinton is, "starting to end up being depressed and frustrated ... she had been experiencing more frequent mini seizures triggering her to black out for short amount of times."

To resolve the condition, Clinton's doctor "raised the dose on her antidepressants and anxiety medication." The fact is, she must remain in a medical facility or in the house, not running for president!

The file has actually not been confirmed and if it is genuine, then whoever is responsible has broke the law. The document presumably originates from the office of Lisa R. Bardack, M.D., of the Mount Kisco Medical Group in Mount Kisco, New York.

Hillary Clinton is nearly 69 years old. It is reasonable to expect a person of her age to have some medical issues. Nevertheless, Clinton is not retiring from work. Instead, she is running for president, perhaps the most difficult task on the planet. The health of our commander-in-chief is a nationwide security problem.

Historically, presidents have actually striven to conceal health conditions from the public. Roosevelt had polio, although the public was aware he still hid the intensity of the case. JFK had serious back pain, was dependent on medication, and had Addison's disease.

Ronald Reagan might have had Alzheimer's illness throughout his 2nd term, however there was no diagnosis. Reagan being ill during his term of workplace is extremely speculative, and there is no evidence he aimed to conceal anything.

It is the nature of power to obtain more and give up none. This is a health problem in itself and it perfectly describes Hillary Clinton's aspiration.

Hillary Clinton is requesting for the hardest task on the planet. She is likewise tricking the public about her health. The reality she does not have the stability to be in advance with the American individuals should suffice frustration for anybody who thinks about voting for her. The fact that she continues to lead in the polls exposes the stark weak point of the Trump project along with the gullibility of the American individuals.

If Clinton wins, we should not be shocked at the horrible things that will follow.

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