Muslims Attend Catholic Mass In France To Show Solidarity Over Priest’s Murder

Muslims and Catholics joined together to honor Father Hamel, 85, who was recently murdered by ISIS terrorists.

In case you missed it, a tragic attack took place last Tuesday at the Église St.-Étienne church in France. Two terrorists, suspected to be affiliated with the terrorist organization ISIS, stormed into the 9:30 a.m. mass and slit the throat of the auxiliary priest, Rev. Jacques Hamel when he refused to kneel.

Nuns and parishioners were held hostage until a specialized police unit descended on the church and shot the men dead as they attempted to exit.

Shortly after the incident, the Islamic State took responsibility for the killing. NYTimes relays that the terrorist group stated two of its “soldiers” had attacked the church “in response to the call to target Crusader coalition states.” It was admitted that the group intended to frame the assault as an act of religious war between Muslims and Christians.

Nothing could be less conducive to humanity’s evolution, as Muslims – many of which are not affiliated with ISIS – are already receiving poor, fear-based treatment due to the actions of the hate group.

To show the world that individuals of the Muslim faith don’t necessarily hold the same ideals as the extremist sect of the religion, more than 100 individuals of the faith gathered at the cathedral of Rouen near the Normandy town where 85-year-old Father Jacques Hamel was killed. Their intention of joining the mass, which held over 2,000 people, was to show solidarity over the priest’s brutal murder, and hopefully, inspire peace even during these harsh times, reports Al Jazeera.

Rouen Archbishop Dominique Lebrun addressed those who were present:

“I thank you in the name of all Christians. In this way you are affirming that you reject death and violence in the name of God.” 

ISIS may be trying to divide the masses through heinous violence and propaganda, but the Muslims and Christians who have found peace in their faith understand that only through unity will this world become a better place. 

The Notre Dame church in Bordeaux also welcomed the Muslim delegation. Reverend Jean Rouet said:

“It’s an occasion to show (Muslims) that we do not confuse Islam with Islamism, Muslim with jihadist.”

After the recent Nice, France attacks in which 84 people were killed and 435 were injured, Archbishop Lebrun led a delegation to mourn the victims. He spoke for many when he stated:
Being united is a response to the act of horror and barbarism.”
Through the violence, may people come to know unity and strive for peace. What are your thoughts? 

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