McDonald’s French Fries Are Doused With Extremely Toxic Chemical To Kill Aphids That Cause Discoloration

If you have actually ever questioned how McDonald's can make its french fries look so "appealingly" consistent in color, the answer is most likely to make you never want to consume them again.

It turns out that the reason the junk food giant has the ability to serve french fries that look practically unnaturally best has to do with that they utilize a very abnormal and toxic chemical to achieve the preferred result.

Very popular food author and activist Michael Pollan has actually revealed the trick behind the fast food giant’s french fries' consistent unblemished appearance, and it's not appealing at all.

In the YouTube video below, Pollan describes the process:

As Pollan describes, McDonald's uses only one kind of potato to make their french fries-- a variety called Russet Burbank.

Russet Burbanks are longer than the typical potato, which enables McDonald's to sell, as Pollan notes, "red boxes with a little arrangement of long [french fries]".

The junk food corporation's option of potatoes is reasonable from a marketing viewpoint, but there's a lot more to the story. ...

Although Russet Burbank potatoes enable McDonald's to produce attractive-looking long french fries, the variety has an intrinsic "flaw." Russet Burbanks are very vulnerable to a condition known as "net necrosis," which causes a brown discoloration inside the potato.

Net necrosis is triggered by aphids, and considering that McDonald's will not purchase potatoes with net necrosis, farmers use a poisonous pesticide called Monitor to eliminate them from potato fields.

According to Pollan, Monitor is so poisonous that, "farmers won't venture outdoors into their fields for 5 days after they spray.".

After harvesting, the potatoes are kept in huge, stadium-sized sheds, where they can "off-gas" for six weeks prior to they are "edible.".

How toxic is Monitor pesticide?

Monitor is among a number of pesticide items on the marketplace which contain the active ingredient called methamidophos.

So,  how toxic is methamidophos?

"Methamidophos is an extremely harmful, highly regulated systemic and residual organophosphate insecticide ... Its health impacts are consistent with all organophosphates, and result in the inhibition of the enzyme cholinesterase which interferes with typical transmission of nerve impulses. Since of its toxicity, it is highly controlled throughout the world. ...

" Methamidophos is highly toxic by all means of direct exposure. It has actually been discovered to have negative impacts on reproductive results including one study which found it caused decreased sperm levels ...".

Sort of makes those nice little "arrangements" of golden fries in the red boxes sound a bit less appealing, does not it? Unless, naturally, you're trying to find a cheap method of contraception and do not mind the accompanying nerve system damage.

All joking aside, nobody needs to be eating McDonald's french fries (or other of the evenly unhealthy products they sell, for that matter).

Kicking the junk food addiction.

Pollan goes on to explain McDonald's use of unhealthy amounts of sugar, salt and fat in its products to make them more addicting. He explains that the junk food industry utilizes made-up terms such as "cravability" and "snackability" as euphemisms for their addictive qualities.

As an illustration of how unhealthy these fast food items are, Pollan notes that, "even poor ladies who cook have healthier diets than rich ladies who do not.".

To puts it simply, essentially anything cooked in your home is healthier than the garbage-disguised-as-food that McDonald's and other junk food purveyors serve to the general public.

If you want to lead a healthy way of life and not come down with weight problems, diabetes and outright poisoning from poisonous chemicals, you must initially kick the fast food dependency that numerous Americans suffer from.

Once you get in the habit of consuming fresh, organic foods, and begin discovering the distinction (not only in your physical health however also in the remarkable taste of such foods), you'll wonder why you ever consumed fast food to start with.

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