Is Trump Trying To Lose The Election To Hillary Clinton On Purpose?

There is a saying in politics: Do not get in the way of a train wreck,  stated Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, a top campaign aide to governmental candidates Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. And, as Reuters reports, Clinton's advisors state they see little benefit in her going toe-to-toe with Trump over every personal accusation, producing sound bites that would control cable television news broadcasts. Rather, they enjoy for him to be involved in controversy while Clinton focuses on policy.

Her national press pool, which hardly ever gets to question the prospect, often waits as she carries out interviews with regional news outlets.

She has actually granted couple of recent interviews to nationwide outlets and rarely holds press conferences, a strategy her critics state is planned to prevent concerns about her use of a personal email server throughout her time as secretary of state, and the relationship in between her household's global charity, the Clinton Foundation, and the State Department.

If you haven't heard a lot about what Hillary Clinton considers a string of questionable comments by Donald Trump that have actually produced round-the-clock coverage on cable news broadcasts, there is a factor-- it's by design.

Considering that becoming the Democratic candidate last month, Clinton has been touring toy makers, visiting tie makers and dropping in on public health clinics, where if she mentions Trump at all, it is usually to contrast their policies.

Her swift condemnation at a Wednesday campaign rally of Trump's remark that gun rights activists could stop her from choosing liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices was a rare circumstances where she has engaged her Republican rival in the 2016 race for the White House.

Aides say Clinton's strategy is basic: let Trump be Trump.

And possibly there is more to that 'strategy' than meets the eye. As Brent Budowsky asks at The Hill: Is Trump intentionally throwing the election to Clinton?

In August 2015, a column for The Hill was written entitled "Is Trump a Clinton plant?' At the time it was suggested that the column was not seriously recommending that Donald Trump is running as a Hillary Clinton plant for the purpose of bringing a 2nd Clinton to the White Home, but noted some realities.

For many years Trump, has heaped full marks on both Expense and Hillary Clinton throughout their periods at every significant office they have held considering that the 1992 campaign. I also kept in mind that Trump has actually offered appreciation and campaign contributions that continued for many years to popular liberals and Democratic leaders such as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and Home Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.).

A year after the tongue-in-cheek column questioning whether Trump is running as a plant to choose Hillary Clinton, we will now raise the possibility, much more seriously, that a way to discuss Trump's repeatedly self-destructive habits might be that deep down Trump does not wish to win the election and is awkwardly throwing the game away.

We are not suggesting that Trump wants to lose to Clinton, however I am recommending there is at least some possibility that this holds true.

Why might Trump, in theory, wish to lose the election?

Possibly Trump originally decided to run to get some promotion for his company, or satisfy his ego, however never expected he had a real opportunity to win. Perhaps it all of a sudden struck Trump that he did have some chance to win, and was petrified at the thought of filing the comprehensive monetary disclosures that presidents are needed by law to submit, for the exact same factor he is hiding his income tax return and which, we anticipate, he will never willfully release. Possibly Trump all of a sudden recognized he did not truly desire his finger on the nuclear button. Maybe he just concluded that he did want to do the work that the presidency requires.

Think of it. If a prospect really wants to end up being president, would he repeatedly insult the huge wave of Hispanic voters? Would he insult veterans who were brave detainees of war by saying that he 'like [s] individuals who weren't captured?' Would he consistently insult the 2008 GOP candidate and excellent war hero, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.)?

If a candidate really wants to become president, would he and his consultants prepare a technique that includes applauding the mass-murdering communist totalitarian of North Korea? Which citizens did Trump think he would win with that one? If a candidate really wishes to end up being president, would he and his foreign policy advisors prepare a method that consistently praises Vladimir Putin, the strongman totalitarian of Russia, and state he is unsure he would defend Europe nations from a Russian invasion? Does Trump believe there is a pro-Putin vote in America?

Or, as Trump often says, possibly there is something taking place here. Some individuals may state he does these things because he wants to lose the election and is throwing the game to Clinton.

I have been to many rodeos in nationwide politics, and literally each significant gamer in politics that I understand expected Trump to "pivot" after the conventions to appear to take more accountable positions and say less irresponsible and self-destructive things.

Republicans believed Trump would pivot with hope; Democrats believed he would pivot with dread.

No one I understand believed that Trump would pivot in the opposite way, becoming much more irresponsible and self-destructive after the conventions.

Did Trump and his project supervisors establish a technique to attack a Gold Star mother and father? Could any presidential candidate who wishes to be elected appear to publicly support Russian espionage against America, and take positions so severe that a previous acting CIA director calls him "an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation"? Would any candidate who in fact wishes to win make remarks about the Second Change and a political challenger so that the Secret Service is not happy, the very same type of comments that helped Harry Reid crush his Republican opponent into dust in his last reelection campaign?

I forecast that Trump will never ever release his income tax return since there is something in those returns he intensely fears being revealed. Shall we speculate about what could be so devastating in his undisclosed tax returns? Is it not possible, perhaps even most likely, that he might dread the thought, for comparable reasons, of submitting his financial disclosure documents if he is elected president?

There has actually been some speculation in GOP circles about whether Trump might drop out of the campaign. This is possible, however I doubt it. The most likely circumstance, if Trump does not wish to be chosen president, is that he will keep stating and doing things that any freshman government trainee in college would know will doom his candidacy, which after he loses a prospective landslide to Hillary Clinton, will yell from the rooftops: 'I was robbed!'

I am not stating that I think Donald Trump is aiming to toss the election to Hillary Clinton, but I am saying this is a possibility that is now worth seriously thinking about if the limitless series of Trump oversights and gaffes continues.

As No Hedge concluded a year ago when the topic of Trump's false-flag governmental run showed up ...

Trump has actually been playing the media with his supposed governmental ambitions for years, however it was clear then that it was just The Donald doing exactly what he does best-- promoting himself. So why now has he unexpectedly turned ‘serious?' I consider that word scare quotes because 1) Serious is not a word one connects with a clown, and 2) It's not clear that, for all his megalomania, he actually thinks he can win the White Home. He might be a lunatic however he's far from silly.

And so the concern jumps out at us: Why now?

Although we have no concrete proof of our theory, there's lots of circumstantial evidence. His ties to the Clintons, his previous declarations which remain in such blatant contradiction to his present fulminations, and the weeps of happiness from the Clintonian gallery and the media (or do I repeat myself) all indicate a single conclusion: the Trump campaign is a Democratic trashing operation aimed directly at the GOP's base.

Donald Trump is a false-flag prospect. It's all an act, one that benefits his buddy Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party that, until recently, counted the truth series star amongst its followers. Undoubtedly, Trump's declarations-- the open racism, the demagogic appeals, the faux-populist rhetoric-- sound like something from a Democratic political consultant's creativity, a caricature of conservatism as carried out by a master actor.

Now I realize this is a 'conspiracy theory,' and, as all of us understand, there are no conspiracies in politics. Because honorable profession, everything is totally aboveboard and on the level-- right?

Like hell it is.

If this becomes the case then all is lost America as The Deep State's control is more complete than anybody could have imagined.

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