If THIS Is Found In A Hotel Room Or Public Bathroom, Leave Immediately And Call 911!

If you ever see a coat hanger like this one, leave the room immediately and call the authorities.

Perhaps nothing is worse than having your freedom messed with. Yet this is exactly what is happening when people stay in hotels with devices that record their private moments or use a public bathroom that’s rigged with a camera.

Yes, believe it or not, some perverted criminals are swapping coat hangers with modified ones that contain tiny cameras. Apparently, they are most likely to be found in dressing rooms, hotel rooms, and public bathrooms.
The idea that someone may be watching your most private moments is hard to swallow, but so is the fact that these types of coat hangers have been reportedly found in FloridaKansas, and Nevada.

One woman learned she was being spied upon when she accidentally knocked the coat hanger off the wall and realized it contained a small camera within. Immediately, she reported the offensive finding to the police – which is exactly what you should do if you ever come across one.

The worst part of this news might be the fact that the camera coat hangers are relatively inexpensive – this one costs just $13 – and are easy to obtain. Indeed, if you Google ‘camera coat hanger’ you will be bombarded with a bounty of purchase options.

Thankfully, knowledge is power. If you know that coat hangers can contain cameras and are extra vigilant when traveling or using a public facility to undress, you’ll be able to protect yourself from unwanted snooping.

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