Gut Wrenching Video Of Child Injured In Syria Is Disturbing. This Is What Happens When You Say Nothing

This is what it's like every day in Aleppo, one of the largest and most destroyed cities in Syria.  It is mass chaos, with bombs being dropped by Syrian, Russian and even American war planes in an, almost, routine slate of violence.

 "This is a boy that is younger than the war, itself," says one journalist covering the story.

Since the month of August began, not a single aid convoy has reached the city of two million people, cut off from the rest of the world, according to the United Nations.  The organization has also stopped counting the dead and the wounded; but numbers from the Syrian Center for Policy Research indicate that more than 470,000 people have died in the war so far.  1.8 million people have been wounded.

Just a kid, stuck in the middle of a power struggle.  The images and video has brought international attention to the conflict.   Hopefully, this will mount public pressure to force governments to bring this conflict to an end.

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