Doctors Urge Parents To Save Their Kid’s Baby Teeth! Here’s Why!

Have you ever played the 'tooth fairy' game with your kids?

You know what I mean, the one where you get them to conceal their baby tooth they just lost under their pillow so a wonderful little fairy can slip in the evening and replace it with some cash?

As enjoyable as it is, it's pretty brief. Your kid gets a buck or two, invests it on a toy which is pretty much the end of it.

Unless, of course, the fairy decided to drop that baby tooth off at a tooth bank.

In 2003, scientists at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research study discovered that baby teeth include important stem cells. In a nutshell, stem cells have the possible to develop into almost any cell type imaginable.

Say your kid, later on in life, develops a condition that damages their pancreas, heart or brain. Stem cells from their baby teeth can really be utilized to fix the broken cells in those areas.

The very best part? Stem cells from baby teeth are among the most effective in the human body. They multiply much quicker-- and for longer-- than stem cells from other areas.

This gets rid of the need to wait for a bone marrow donor if your child ever needed  stem cells. It likewise increases the probability that their body will accept the stem cells-- something that's not constantly specific when they originate from a donor.

I understand exactly what you're thinking.

' If my child frantically looks for teeth stem cells eventually in the future, couldn't a dentist just pull up one of their teeth then?"

Not necessarily. As stem cells age, they end up being less effective. If your child requires stem cells as an adult, the teeth that presently reside in their mouth will no longer be very helpful.

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There are already a number of global services that will save your kid's primary teeth for a cost. Take, for example, Store-A-Tooth.

They partner with your dental expert to collect the tooth and have it shipped overnight to their center in a temperature-controlled package. As soon as the tooth remains in their hands, they extract the stem cells and position them in a culture where they can grow. Then, the cells-- along with the tooth-- are cryopreserved.

Even if the tooth fell out a while ago, it might still consist of valuable stem cells!

What do you believe? Will you be sending your child's baby teeth in for storage? Let us understand in the remarks!

Have a look at this video for more information about primary teeth stem cells!

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