Clinton’s Body Count: 5 Found Dead, All Linked To DNC

The Clinton body count grows with 5 people found dead, all with strong connections to The Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Clinton Structure. Much more disconcerting is the media blackout on these bizarre deaths and the frustrating evidence that those who died had expert knowledge that might have removed Hillary and the entire Democrat Party.

Over the last month, people associated with the Clintons and DNC have actually been dropping like flies. Five more have been contributed to the Clinton body count, contributing to the speculations that Hillary will not let anybody stand in her way,  no matter what it takes. As the mainstream media apparently avoids these stories, here's exactly what we understand about those who satisfied an unfortunate death after their ties to the Clintons and the DNC seemed to threaten Hillary's presidential goals.

DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich was the Operations Director for Citizen Growth at the DNC. Rich had all the top secret info about the DNC's inner workings, when he shockingly showed up killed, it had Washington experts talking cover-up.

It looked like a break-in gone bad up until additional information emerged. "There had been a fight. His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, but he had two shots to his back, and they never took anything," his mom, Mary Rich, informed NBC News.

According to the Daily Mail, "The mystery surrounding his death has sparked a flurry of theories published online, including insurance claims that he was on his way to talk to the FBI when he was shot. There have actually likewise been recommendations he fed Wikileaks the 3,000 DNC e-mails that were released at the start of the democratic party’s convention recently."

Seth Rich's position at the time of his death was Director of Voter Growth, and he explained himself as an expert. He would have crucial info about all DNC voter fraud schemes. Rich's death is extremely convenient for Hillary and the DNC, a little too hassle-free when you think about that he was the main operator at the DNC with access to all top secret files.

Joe Montano, who was a previous DNC Chairman, would know the criminal activities utilized to obtain Hillary Clinton chose. Montano passed away from exactly what was said to be a cardiac arrest on July 25, the day the DNC began.

At 47-years-old and in great health, a heart attack is suspicious. Montano was on low-dosage of high blood pressure medication, which implies his hypertension was under control, which put him more at risk of low blood pressure. His family says he was loaded and all set to go to the DNC convention when they found him dead. They report he was in tip top health.

His death was within hours of the Wikileaks dump that outed then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Montano was also an assistant to VP candidate Tim Kaine, that makes one wonder what he knew. Insiders say Montano might have understood too much about the DNC scandals and Tim Kaine.

In another Clinton-linked death, as MW News has actually previously reported, Shawn Lucas, the lead lawyer who was working to expose the DNC scams case in Florida was all of a sudden discovered dead in his house.

A viral video shows Lucas serving the DNC court documents. Lucas' death is still under investigation, but the mere truth that he was alive, serving court documents on the Clintons and the DNC, and the next minute dead under suspicious scenarios, is leaving everyone pointing directly at the Clinton criminal activity family.

Another odd death is that of Victor Thorn, who was a respected author and skilled investigator of the Clintons. He was best known as a Clinton expert, writing over 6 books on all of their scandals. Colleagues report he was working diligently on a brand-new Hillary scandal, and his sibling reports he had damaging super-secret emails regarding the Clintons.

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