Amazing 1930's Pharmacists Herbal Cures Map Released To The Public

This amazing map of 'Herbal Cures' from 1932 of the medical plants in common usage among pharmacists and the public at that time. The map itself states under the heading ‘The Service of Pharmacy’:

“It is important that the public does not lose sight of the fact that the professions of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dentistry, each give an essential service, which must not be impaired or destroyed by commercial trends. The public and the professions will suffer equally if these services are allowed to deteriorate. In pharmacy the public should understand something of the breadth of knowledge required of the pharmacist. Few people realize the extent to which plants and minerals enter into the practice of pharmacy, and how vital they are to the maintenance of the public health. It has been stated that upwards of 70 percent of all medicines employed are plant products.”

Flash forward 80 years and we have a medical system which relies almost completely on patented chemicals and/or biologicals that are far removed from anything looking like the 'garden farmacy' of yesteryear. The FDA's really meaning of a drug now precludes making use of natural compounds, and drug-based medicine has become a kind of human sacrifice, on a scale that might go beyond previous civilizations sacrifice of their population for seemingly religious factors. This map must be shared everywhere and ideally will clarify the massive, emergent database of natural compounds (there have to do with 1700 indexed on our website alone) that can be used to deal with a staggeringly vast array of health conditions (over 3,000 indexed on our site alone).

Keep in mind: Surprisingly, you will find the much demonized Marijuana Sativa noted as a medical plant used on the Druggist's map! Consider that in modern-day times this plant alone has actually been utilized to jail numerous thousands of people just for possessing, using and/or trading it as a commodity!

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