A Nasty Little Secret Hidden In Your Crock Pot That Will Surprise You!

Crock pots containing lead were the subject of an investigation that began in Salt Lake City with KUTV's Bill Gephardt. After his examination about lead in ceramic glazed plates, bowls and mugs and finding high a level of lead in them, his focus turned to ceramic glazed crockery pots after an audience did a little research study on her own.

A concerned mom from Weber County, who often utilized her crock pot, took her Rival slow cooker to the county fair, where she might do a totally free lead screening on dishes. What she found was her crockery pot consisted of lead. She alerted Gephardt about her findings and he started his own examination. He discovered that when ceramic ware was heated to simply 80 degrees, it launched almost 10 times the amount of lead as a plate at space temperature. The FDA limits the quantity of lead that is allowed to leach from pots and pans. But there isn't really a "safe" quantity of cause have in your body.

Sadly, most crockpot inserts are most typically made from glazed ceramic, which is known for seeping lead. Did you understand that lead is hazardous at any dosage? The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has dramatically lowered the main level for what it thinks about to be "safe" exposure to lead. Nevertheless, recently the firm admitted that there is no safe level of direct exposure to lead, and that the only way to secure our health is to avoid it entirely.

Lead is known to cause damage to your brain and nerve system. Even tiny amounts of lead can be unsafe, as it builds up in your body in time. In addition, lead can mimic and inhibit the important mineral calcium. In human beings the lead is soaked up, dispersed, and excreted. When in the bloodstream lead is distributed to three primary compartments: blood, soft tissue (kidney, bone marrow, liver, and brain), and mineralized tissue (bones and teeth).

Lead can cause:

Increased possibility of disease during pregnancy.
Harm to a fetus, including mental retardation or death.
Fertility problems (in men and women).
High blood pressure.
Digestive problems.
Nerve conditions.
Memory and concentration issues.
Muscle and joint pain.

Are crockpots worth the danger to you?

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