7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Instead Of Coffee

You know the drill-- wake up and smell the very first coffee of the day while you're half asleep get it down you for a quick energy boost. This may get you going, or you may need one or two more cups, however then you have a caffeine crash, and you're simply as tired as you were when you awakened.

While we can all concur that coffee has its own health advantages and is really tasty, there's a drink that's even much better: warm lemon water. No, truly, hear us out. Here's why you must revitalize your early morning with warm lemon water that not just quenches your thirst, however is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and lots of other benefits.

1. Energy Increase

Lemons are a natural source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Just like Gatorade, lemons have numerous electrolytes that can hydrate the tissues in your body and flush out toxins at the same time.

2. Strengthen Immune System

Oranges aren't the only source of vitamin C. When the vitamin C in lemons blends with water, it acts as an adaptogen, a natural substance that applies a normalizing effect on bodily procedures, assisting fight against viruses and other infections.

3. Reduce Weight

Have you ever came across pectin fibers? They postpone the absorption of glucose in the body and normalize blood lipid levels, reducing hunger food cravings and therefore helping you drop weight. Great news, lemons are full of them.

4. Minimize Stress

Anxiety and stress and anxiety are frequently a result of inadequate potassium in the blood stream. Even the scent of lemons can calm your nerve system. Got an exam week coming quickly? Better try this!

5. Improve Skin

Lemons are anti-everything that triggers pimples and inflammation on your skin. Its anti-oxidants can eliminate wrinkles and acnes, and its anti-inflammatory properties can lower the look of pimples and inflammation. Bonus offer idea: cut a lemon in half and massage it on your face for a deeper clean.

6. Fresh Breath

Do not be sour. The acidity of lemons promote the salivary glands, avoiding dry mouth, which is among the most common reasons for foul breath. Fortunately, lemon water is not strong enough to damage your enamel. It can likewise prevent gum disease and ease toothaches.

7. Helps You Focus

Who knew lemon heads were so wise? Lemons have a higher concentration of Negative ions than other fruit. This increases the quantity of oxygen to the brain, making you feel more alert and less sleepy.

Cheers to much better mornings, more energy, decreasing tension, and overall better health.

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