4 Phrases Psychopaths Use To Make You Feel Crazy!

You might not believe it, but you have actually most likely been in contact with several psychopaths in your life. Not every psychopath out there is the type we typically consider the chainsaw-wielding, serial killer type.

Rather, psychopaths are typically the CEOs, the legal representatives, the journalists and the policeman a lot of us enter into contact with on a much more regular basis than the "Dexter"- type characters.

And while these kinds of individuals aren't going to slice you up with an axe, they can leave you feeling rather annoyed-- and in some cases straight-out crazy-- after a conversation thanks to the following typical phrases.

1. “You read too much into things.”

While all of us have instances where we truly do read excessive into things, in some cases we're best in being suspicious. However when the person you're suspicious of is a psychopath, it's likely that your suspicions will be dismissed outright.

That's because psychopaths are known to invalidate others' feelings and intuition. They hold such things in little regard and really gain a sense of power from positioning you on edge then accusing you of being aggressive when you react.

2. "I don't like drama."

The world of a psychopath is an incredibly drama-filled rollercoaster. And they enjoy it-- a minimum of when they're the ones at the controls.

That is among the factors psychopaths enjoy to insist that they hate drama. That method, you will not view their little jabs for what they truly are-- attempts to make you "fired up" so they can invalidate you further by repeating that they "do not like drama."

3. "You're too sensitive."

If you've ever worked for or with a psychopath, you have actually most likely seen this exact circumstance played out several times.

Frequently, such people will push and slam with unbelievable cruelty to the point where their target breaks down in tears or has an upset outburst.

This is another method psychopaths exert their control over people-- by making them doubt themselves and the credibility of their feelings.

4. "You misunderstood me."

This is referred to as gaslighting. It occurs when a psychopath does something to generate a specific reaction from you, generally a negative one, and then turns around and makes you question your own sanity for having that extreme response.

Don't blame yourself for falling into this trap initially. However once you understand for certain you're being gaslighted, stand by your understanding of exactly what's been done.

Bonus! "You're simply jealous/crazy/in love with me."

When things actually begin to break down and psychopaths lose control of you, they'll frequently resort to name-calling or they exaggerate your actions as a means of generating some negative association in your mind that will oblige you to feel bad about yourself or tie you to the psychopath further.

Understand that in a psychopath's world, they are the regular one-- everybody else is crazy, jealous or in love with them. They utilize this to validate their actions.

Curious about what precisely makes a psychopath? Have a look at this remarkable video for a checklist!

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