WARNING: Why You Should Never Buy Produce With A Sticker That Begins With 8

Have you ever stared at the sticker label on your gorgeous Fuji apple and wondered what the numbers indicated? Well, they truly do matter!

Every Number Has a Significance

Number 3 and 4

Anything starting with a "3" or "4" means that it is grown traditionally. Standard farming is when chemicals and pesticides are used in different techniques to enable larger, faster and longer lasting crops. If you are shopping on a budget plan, here are a few products that are alright to buy traditionally grown:

Sweet Potatoes

Number 8

That feared number beginning with an "8" means your food has been genetically engineered. This implies that the food you are buying has been created by a person or scientist in order to take full advantage of productivity. Aim to stay away from this produce at all costs.

Number 9

Any number that begins with a "9" indicates that piece of produce is an organic great. You might be questioning what exactly it means for something to be organic. Organic basically means that the soil that the item is grown in has been untouched by pesticides, chemically contaminated fertilizers and antibiotics. Organic food not just tastes better, however it has actually been clinically shown to have much healthier advantages inside the body. Keep in mind, you actually are exactly what you eat so stock up on all the good things! Here are a few of my favorites to always purchase organic when possible:

Bell Peppers

Keep in mind to support your regional farmers by checking out farmers markets and regional supermarket, and you can likewise join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) exchange to guarantee that you know where your food is originating from. It is one thing to buy organic items at the supermarket, however it's another thing to obtain the chance to shake the hand of the farmer who quite simply grew your food!

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