U.S. Navy Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed

The United States Navy has actually found out how to turn seawater into fuel. It's somewhat amusing how this hasn't made the evening news of late. The new fuel will cost around the same price as petroleum based fuel and this "game changing" innovation is still in its starting stages. Try and imagine exactly what will take place when it's refined and improved.

US Navy Scientists state that they have actually discovered a way to convert seawater into jet fuel. Researchers from the Navel Lab or NRL have established a way to extract co2 from seawater. This procedure produces hydrogen then transforms that hydrogen gas into a liquid fuel.

This system might save lots of hours from the at-sea refueling procedure.

The majority of the US Navy's ships run entirely off of oil and with the exception of some nuclear-powered crafts this is a big game changer for the fleet.

" For us in the military, in the Navy, we have some quite uncommon and different sort of obstacles," states Vice Admiral Philip Cullom. "We do not necessarily go to a filling station to obtain our fuel. Our filling station comes to us in terms of an oiler, a replenishment ship. Establishing a game changing innovation like this, seawater to fuel, truly is something that transforms the way we can do business when you think about logistics, preparedness."

Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of this innovation coming to all ships and sea side citites.

This is a big threat to fossil fuel and we must anticipate legislative action to attempt and sweep it under the carpet. The earnings loss for nonrenewable fuel sources is approximated in the trillions as this green innovation comes into the spotlight and, unfortunately, the Republicans have the tendency to target this type of breakthrough and remove it. It will be difficult for them to do so with the looming danger of a financial collapse over nonrenewable fuel source scarcity.

Helping the environment by lowering CO2 Levels

The procedure of turning seawater into fuel will pull co2 (the greenhouse gas that is leading climate change) out of our oceans. Our oceans absorb CO2 and have actually reached the safe limitation.

With the oceans becoming more acidic from the increased CO2 the delicate environments, like coral reefs which keep the oceans healthy, it's only a matter of time prior to we do durable damage.

Pulling a massive quantity of CO2 out of the oceans will allow more excess CO2 in our air to be taken in into the oceans. Which we can then continue the recycling procedure and at the exact same time help our planet for the better.

Big Oil will be worried about this Renewable Technology

The fossil fuel industry will be ravaged from this innovation. We will no more have a factor for opportunist nations to wage war such as those in the middle east. The trillions that are spent on this war can now be focused where it needs to be, advancing the mankind ... not damaging it.

If this innovation is permitted to exist, every oil backed leader with fall and the world will know that it's possible to live without nonrenewable fuel sources. Think of the improvements in technology and our day-to-days live if we wander off from the course our corrupted leaders have led us down and begin to develop a much healthier and more eco-friendly world.

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