Unarmed Man Killed By Off-Duty Cop In Gang-Style Murder, Media’s Almost Silent

As protests over the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile erupt across the nation, the media has remained almost silent on the death of another unarmed African-American citizen who was killed by an off-duty police officer in an almost gang-style execution. On July 4th, Delrawn Small was shot at an intersection by officer Wayne Isaacs, who despite being off-duty, was apparently carrying is police-issued gun in the waistline of his pants. Wayne has since been stripped of his badge and gun while the attorney general’s office finishes their investigation, however many believe he should have immediately been arrested.

While driving home from a barbeque, Delrawn Small, his wife, and their three children (one of which was a 4-month-old baby), was cut-off by Isaacs in traffic at least twice, according to witnesses. At an intersection, Mr. Small exited his vehicle and approached Isaacs (unaware he was an off-duty officer) to let Isaacs know he had cut them off, and that he had his family in the vehicle.

According to witnesses and surveillance videos, this was apparently as far as the situation got before Isaacs pulled out his gun, and shot Mr. Small multiple times. Officer Isaacs had first claimed that Mr. Small approached the vehicle and repeatedly began to punch him, however the newly released surveillance video shows otherwise.

Democracy Now:

Initially reports stated that officer Isaacs was placed on paid leave, however after an internal investigation, it was decided to completely strip him of his badge and gun, and he’s since been put on modified assignment. Once again, a rather light slap-on-the-wrist for a police officer who’s committed murder.

Regardless though, experts say Wayne Isaacs will most likely be charged, but considering the police’s track-record for getting away with murder, we don’t suggest you hold your breath. Updates on the story will follow.

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