Top 9 Vaccines You NEVER Need And Exactly Why The CDC Has To Scare Everybody Into Getting Them

Sure, we reside in a capitalistic nation, and more power to the people who run companies and make a great living selling items and services. But, all those who purposefully generate income off other people's death ought to be closed down and fined, and maybe even imprisoned. That guideline should go for companies, organizations and corporations too, not to point out regulative firms, however that's more of a utopian world, that does not exist, and from the looks of everythings, probably never ever will.

Since the start of time, indigenous peoples have actually discovered healthy foods, herbs, tinctures, berries, mushrooms and minerals that prevent and treat all types of infectious diseases, but in America, just a little portion of the population find out about them, and a few of those folks don't even believe in them any longer. Exactly what's the reason for that? Worry. Tremendous fear has actually been instilled in residents by their federal government, that takes a few of the worst-case-scenarios for each infectious disease, and promotes propaganda to actually terrify people to death (a slow death through toxic medications).

There are photos of kids who got polio and lost using their limbs! There are photos of babies covered from head to toe with smallpox and measles and chicken pox ... OMG! There are nine-year-old girls being injected with a poisonous jab for a benign sexually transmitted disease that's a type of contagious cancer! Just how many nine-year-olds are engaged in sex? Something is for sure: many of those women are entering into anaphylactic shock and comas soon after the HPV vaccine, and it's not because they are promiscuous.

Then there are the phony illness summoned by the dubious multi-billion-dollar vaccine industry, and propagated by the CDC, and hyped to the fullest extent by the mass media, with lies about breakouts and pandemics, so that everyone will hurry to the nearby doctor, pharmacy or Walmart and get stuck with a needle filled with MSG, mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum, not to mention mixes of genetically engineered organisms, bacteria and live viruses there actually might not be a treatment for. Who wants some of that?

The fact is, people don't want to "take a chance," due to the fact that they have actually been persuaded into thinking that the only medication that works for sickness and disease is chemical medication made in a laboratory and "authorized" by the FDA and CDC. Huge error. Big mistake. These are the same individuals who will have jeopardized immune systems, unforeseeable pathogens in their blood, and actually end up being more susceptible to the very contagious diseases they're paranoid about catching. How paradoxical. That's industrialism for you. So stopped talking and go get stuck to toxins, or do a little homework and learn that the real conspiracy is Western medicine attempting to succeed off the illness they create then treat with more damaging "medicine.".

The 9 vaccines you NEVER require, that will not protect you from anything, specifically the illness they're identified to prevent.

Chicken pox vaccine (Varicella).

Measles vaccine (or MMR: measles, mumps, rubella).

Zika virus vaccine.

Influenza vaccine (flu shot).

Swine flu vaccine (H1N1).

Bird Flu vaccine (H5N1-- Avian).

Polio vaccine.

HPV (human papillomavirus).

Anthrax vaccine.

What the medical commercial complex does not desire anyone to know.

The genuine reason many children and children have weaker body immune systems than adults is since they get over 50 harmful vaccines prior to age 7, as recommended by the CDC and the state department-- and enforced at gunpoint in certain states, like California.

Chicken pox is a common youth illness triggered by a virus that lasts 2 to four days, and after that most children are immune to it for life. Measles is like a cold that can include a cough, fever and a blotchy rash that fades after a few days and peels. Mumps is a severe viral infection typically accompanied by a mild fever lasting a couple of days, with a sore throat and inflamed glands. What the medical commercial complex does not want anybody to understand is that the typical human body that's not beaten down and infected by vaccine contaminants and food contaminants beats these infections quickly. Very same chooses the Zika virus, which does not trigger contortions in infants; that's all a huge lie and scare technique. The swine flu was a scam, as was the vaccine, and those vaccine makers have actually paid out millions in damages due directly to that harmful jab. Then there's the MMR vaccine that triggers autism, as admitted by the head CDC researcher, Dr. William Thompson.

The anthrax vaccine is extremely experimental and dangerous, and the polio vaccine, offered by injection or through oral or nasal application, in fact spreads out the disease, with those kids themselves becoming carriers, contaminating other kids and family members. It's criminal and the vaccine market knows it, but the benefit from selling the vaccine to all the paranoid moms and dads and brainwashed, uneducated folks through fear-mongering far exceed the damages paid in settlements for health hinderance. It's an easy formula for evil capitalistic success: sell countless hazardous vaccines and develop a slush fund from about 1 percent of those revenues to shut parents up who aim to take legal action against the industry when their kids and children become crippled and impaired.

The only everything moms and dads ought to be frightened of is the vaccine market. Take measures to develop resistance with natural food and holistic medication, and do not succumb to all the propaganda and fear-mongering spread out by the CDC in America. End of story.

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