The EU Commission President Just Said He Is In Contact With Extraterrestrials WTF?

During a speech on the 28th of June in the European Parliament in Brussels, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker started freaking people out when he explained that he had been meeting with several "leaders of other planets" and that they were worried about the "path the European Union will pursue.”

The speech was made in an attempt to put at ease "those who observe us from far away.”

Was he drunk?  It doesn't seem like it.  Maybe he was fucking with people.  Juncker has been known to go off the deep end, at one point during a EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia on May 21st, 2015, he was filmed visibly intoxicated, kissing and slapping leaders of European nations.

Maybe he meant the other leaders of this planet?  Perhaps his words got marred, or he was stressed, or tired, and misspoke.  He did, however, mention leaders of other planets and his interaction with them.  Is he tight with aliens?

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