Tax Dollars At Work: US “Accidentally” Killing Entire Families In Northern Syria

The US-backed offensive in and around Manbij has actually been going on for 2 months, with just a part of the city and surrounding location ever recorded. The failing offensive on the ground is being eclipsed however, by the United States air campaign.

That's since United States airstrikes around Manbij have been causing the deaths of a great deal of civilians, and a Tuesday morning salvo against some nearby towns was the worst of all, killing entire families that the US said they "mistook for ISIS fighters." 56 were reported eliminated at the time, however ensuing reports recommend that as numerous as 212 might have passed away.

With ISIS turning back the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) in Manbij as soon as, the US tried to back the 2nd push into the city with even more airstrikes. The ongoing US presumption has actually been that more airstrikes and less restrictions would mean success.

Instead, it suggested killing ratings, perhaps hundreds of civilians, and cast the SDF in the role of the bad guy amongst many residents, positioned as America's allies, and many are now questioning if they can even theoretically hold Manbij if they do catch it, given how many locals abhor them.

Regardless of offering ISIS warnings to cede Manbij in the next 2 Days, the SDF is in rough shape due to the fact that of the United States airstrikes, with reports that spirits is dropping and a lot of fighters are speaking about leaving the group because they don't wish to be seen supporting the United States strikes.

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